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Water Sampler Certification and Skills Test (In Person)

May 6, 2024 / 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Ocean City Convention Center
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NOTE:  This in-person class is highly recommended for first-time certifications. It will include both the standard training/test and the hands-on skills test (Practicum.)  The class will take place during the first day of our Annual Conference; however, you do not need to be registered for the Conference to attend this class.

Class Content:

The instructor will review the location and collection procedures for bacteriological, inorganic, metal, volatile organic, and pesticide samples. There will be several brief exercises and an instructional video from MDE.  The class concludes with an online test, followed by a hands-on skills test.

Note: Class size limited to 50 students.

TRE hours:

2.5 (x 1.5 w/ passing of test).

Class fees:

MDE has subsidized the cost of the classes so that registration can be affordable to those who perform primacy-related work. Fees are based on the 7 student categories below. Categories 1-6 require additional verifying information during registration.

  1. A direct employee or operator of a public drinking water system in Maryland – $25
  2. An employee of a State Agency of Maryland – $25
  3. An employee of a laboratory certified for drinking water analysis by Maryland – $25
  4. An employee of a well drilling operation – $25
  5. An employee of the Maryland Department of the Environment – $ free
  6. An employee of a County Environmental Health Program – $ free
  7. None of the above – $125