We are thrilled to announce that our federally registered Water Operator Apprenticeship Program has received final approval from the Maryland Department of Labor. This means that our Apprenticeship Program is officially in place and ready to support our systems through workforce development.

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June 15, 2023 / 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
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Course Codes and Type:
PFAS: 7442-5-23 – P
AWIA: 6904-20-12  -P
Credit Hours: 6.5
License Class: All Operators
Class Instructor: Scott Harmon, CET – MRWA
Cost: FREE!

PART I: PFAS (4 hours)
This session will focus on the newest regulations and treatment methods for PFAS chemicals in both water and wastewater. It will cover possible dangers of PFAS chemicals for both human and aquatic life and techniques for treating PFAS underground and on the surface. Topics include:

  • PFAS health effects
  • PFAS Health Advisory and State Regulations
  • Sampling procedures
  • PFAS treatment methods

PART II: AWIA (2.5 hours)
This session is the extended version of our previous online AWIA Seminar focus and give more detail to the  EPA guidelines for the American Water Infrastructure Act and the effects on small water and wastewater systems. Topics include:

  • Overview on the new guidelines
  • Understanding the paperwork and procedures
  • Problem solving and help alternatives

*A break will be given for lunch