Water Sampler Certification and Skills Test

March 15, 2023 / 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Baltimore / MDE
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Location & Directions:
MDE Headquarters – 1800 Washington Blvd, Baltimore MD 21230 (the old Montgomery Ward building.)

Class Size Limits:
This class can accommodate 30 first-time students, plus 75 re-certifying students.

Class Content:
9:00am – 1:00pm | All Students
The instructor will review the location and collection procedures for bacteriological, inorganic, metal, volatile organic, and pesticide samples. There will be several brief exercises and instructional videos, and a written test.

1:00pm – up to 2:00pm | First-Time Students Only
After the written test, each first-time student must also perform a hands-on skills test (practicum.)

TRE hours:
4 (x 1.5 w/ passing of test).

Class fees:
MDE has subsidized the cost of the classes so that registration can be affordable to those who perform primacy-related work. Fees are based on the 7 student categories below. Categories 1-6 require additional verifying information during registration.

  1. An employee or operator of a public drinking water system in Maryland – $25
  2. An employee of a State Agency of Maryland – $25
  3. An employee of a laboratory certified for drinking water analysis by Maryland – $25
  4. An employee of a well drilling operation – $25
  5. An employee of the Maryland Department of the Environment – $ free
  6. An employee of a County Environmental Health Program – $ free
  7. None of the above – $125