Sustainable Management of Rural and Small Systems Workshop

December 8, 2022 / 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
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Course Code: 6698-19-12
NP – All Operators & Superintendents
Training Credit Hours: 7
Class Size Limit: 40

Location: The Wharves at Choptank, Crouse Park | 3 Crouse Park Lane | Denton, MD 21629

This popular workshop covers several components of utility management and future planning, including:

  • An overview of Ten Key Management Areas that cover all aspects of system operations;
  • A utility Self-Assessment exercise based on the Management Areas
  • Group discussion of the Self-Assessment results
  • Group discussion on how each utility can improve performance based on the Self-Assessment results;
  • Practices, tools, and measures for improving performance;
  • Resources that can support us in each Management Area; and
  • An exercise for creating an action plan to follow up on the results of the Assessment

Working through all of these activities will help participants get a clearer picture of how they can improve their system by prioritizing what’s most important to their utility and community.



Sustainable Management of Rural and Small Systems Workshop 12/8/22


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